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What Do Apple and Google Bring to the Streaming Music Table?
By: Greg Dorn
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It’s clear by now that we love our streaming music services. Renting our tunes, rather than owning them, has become the dominant form of rocking out. Some have been around for a while and paved the way for this musical revolution. Pandora came about in 2000, using recommendation algorithms to build custom-made radio stations. In 2006, Spotify altered the game and offered a monthly fee in exchange for access to a library of songs. Imitators have since followed, some combining both functionalities (iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Rdio). Unlike Spotify, many of these services are free for both mobile and desktop. Therefore, with a plethora of options already out there, some comprising millions of subscribers, why would we switch to Google or Apple?
Tech powerhouses in their own right, Apple and Google continue to step on toes and enter new and emerging markets. Last month, Google released their All Access service, offering both personalized stations and song libraries. The price tag is comparable to Spotify, coming in at $9.99/month ($7.99 if you sign up buy June 30). Although technically still a rumor, Apple may unveil their own Pandora-like program; a free, customizable service with ads. And yet, innovative as they may be, what do either of these companies bring to the table?
In reality, the answer is nothing. If Google and Apple wish to enter the music streaming stratosphere, they need to give an incentive to leave what already exists. If they don’t, there is simply no reason to jump on their bandwagons. Pandora has proven to be durable and reliable, so why sign up for “iRadio?” Spotify’s treasure chest of on-demand songs caused millions of people to open their wallets. So why go to Google’s All Access? This is an open letter to both Apple and Google: If you wish to woo us (like you have with phones and search engines), you need to “wow” us. If you don’t, Pandora and Spotify already have my attention (and my toes tapping).

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Greg Dorn is a blogger, writer, and obsessed with everything technology and social media. Greg is absolutely captivated with the recent advancements in mobile gadgets, making our world more seamlessly connected. You can learn more about him on his own blog here
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