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Your DVD Smells Like A Pizza: Brazilian Ad Agency Debuts Clever Marketing Campaign
By: Heather Ewert
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What would you do if you popped in a DVD, enjoyed a great movie, and removed the disc to find…pizza? Advertising agency Artplan Sao Paulo and Domino’s in Brazil joined forces to do just that. They wanted to make an innovative, charming, and irresistible ad campaign that highlighted a marriage between two classic feel-good treats: A great movie paired with delicious food.

The companies partnered with 10 video rental stores in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, printing special images on newly released DVDs, called “Pizza Discs,” using thermal ink and flavored varnish. The resulting DVD looked dark and dreary when first removed from the case. But the catch is that this special ink is affected by heat. So while you watch the movie, the dark thermal ink will heat up inside the DVD player and reveal a hidden picture. When you remove your movie, you’ll see an image of a freshly baked pizza fitted perfectly on the disc, along with the message “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot, delicious Domino’s Pizza.” And, as an added bonus, the ink will smell like pizza. Now you’ve got my attention.

This whole process feels a bit like popping a pie into the oven, letting it bake until golden brown, and removing it to catch the first whiff of a scrumptious dinner. It’s brilliant, really — appealing to multiple senses is the best way to ensure that your brand is associated with those specific stimuli. Recall campaigns like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies utilizing both taste and sound: Snap, Crackle, Pop? Or Singapore Airlines having every flight attendant don the same perfume, Stefan Floridian Waters, which was then used in their hot towels and other elements of tactile service to create a complete sensual experience? With Domino's, we get the visual experience of seeing a pizza and the olfactory experience of smelling the pizza. We associate the pleasant smell and sight of the food with the memory of watching a movie. We totally should have ordered pizza with the movie. Maybe next time, right?

The downside is that many people stream video now, and it’s because of this reason that an ad campaign like this probably won’t catch on in the US. But in Brazil, where broadband connections aren’t as fast or widely available, it’s still common to rent videos. Even so, it’s an innovative way to reach an audience, and certainly, there is enough research behind sensory branding to support this type of campaign. What other brands could try something like this in the USA?

I think I just want a Pizza Disc.

View the video of the Pizza Disc here.


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Heather Ewert is a content writer for an internet marketing company. She enjoys creative writing as well and blogs in her personal time at http://infernoofcool.wordpress.com/. She lives in sunny Southern California with her boyfriend, Snowshoe kitty, and her collection of Warcraft novels.
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