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Will YouTube Finally Replace TV?
By: E. V. Perkins Jr.
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YouTube is about to launch paid subscriptions for some of their channels, according to recent reports. The move would include approximately 50 channels with costs starting at $1.99 per channel. It would allow operators to produce a wider range of content, such as films and TV shows.

It’s been said over and over again that online video will eventually replace cable TV. YouTube’s latest development may be the impetus for this to actually happen. If expanded, YouTube would allow users to pick and choose your channels. Cable subscribers pay roughly $120 for 300 channels. However, we probably watch 12 on a regular basis. Wouldn’t you cancel your cable if your favorite shows/channels were available online for a fraction of the cost? It's already happening with Roku, Netflix, and other streaming services.

Cable providers have seen this coming. We’ve heard the stats: “Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016,” “Fifty percent decline in TV viewership.” To prepare for the shift, Time Warner and Comcast have invested in companies that create YouTube content, according to the Financial Times.

Reports vary on when the paid subscriptions will roll out and YouTube has been officially mute on the details.

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E. V. Perkins Jr. is a marketing and new media specialist in the Milwaukee-area. Learn more about him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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