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Facebook to Start Video Ads in News Feed
By: Jessica Cherok
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A couple of weeks ago, an irksome report came out that Facebook is going to start showing video ads in our news feeds. Oh joy.

Except these videos won’t be something you can just scroll past like you can with the current ads in your news feed. According to a couple of sources, the video ads will be played prior to you being able to access your news feed.

Not exactly a new concept; after all, YouTube, CNN, Pandora, etc. have all incorporated ads either before you can access content, or as part of their streaming media. While being forced to listen to ads isn’t our favorite thing to do, at least we can mute it and look away for 15–30 seconds. Though there have been some rumors about not being able to disable the sound from playing automatically once the ad started. That would surely bust all those Facebook Home users checking up on their friends instead of paying attention at dinner parties.

Of course, Facebook believes bringing us ads is all part of the specialized social experience. The ads will be targeted to the user based off of likes, sharing, and other data. In addition to giving Facebook a warm fuzzy feeling over how it tailors forced advertising specifically to us, it’ll also plump up their wallet — up to an estimated $4 million every day.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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