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The World Through the Lens of Google Glass
By: Jason Will
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The time has come...welcome to the Google Glass generation. A report came out from CNET.com earlier this month confirming the first production run of Google Glass Explorer Edition is complete and ready to ship. What are your thoughts about the downstream impacts of this advancement in technology? Will this technology create a positive or negative impact on our social interaction? Is there a threshold to how this technology could be applied to other parts of our lives?
Recently a group of friends went camping and the topic of Google Glass arose. We debated back and forth about how this technology will affect people. Some folks passionately voiced their concerns about this product turning people into robots and reducing the amount of interaction we are likely to share with others. Is there an end in sight for the capabilities of Google Glass? The potential is there for our lives to revolve around the need for technology to complete tasks we previously could rely on others for.
In the similar vein, children are becoming exposed to heavy doses of technology and researchers are scrambling to figure out whether the long-term effects will amount to positive or negative results. As a member of Generation Y, we were exposed to advancements in technology such as Nintendo and cell phones, but these devices were not as robust as products such as Google Glass. Technologies during those days were usually one dimensional, meaning it served one specific purpose and functioned in a singular fashion. The point being that cell phones today allow us to manage every facet beyond phone calls and text. Additionally, Google Glass is much more than a device that takes pictures and records video. It’ll be interesting how the attention spans of future generations evolve based on the introduction of continuous multi-dimensional technologies.
It is inevitable that our world is progressively changing at a faster pace than the previous generation, but the impacts are yet to be known. The truth of the matter is that we don't have all the answers and only over the course of time will we better understand how advancements in technology play a role within learning, social interaction, and time management. How do you plan on using Google Glass? Please share your thoughts and stay connected through social media avenues.

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About the Author
Jason Will is an avid traveler and entrepreneur based in San Francisco where he serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Zipkick, which is the first travel site to completely customize the search results on an individual basis. Zipkick is Netflix for travel and their mission is to make travel search more accessible and mobile. Check out www.zipkick.com and connect with Jason via Twitter or LinkedIn.  
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