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Evian's Dancing Babies Return
By: Lakai Newman
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Evian does it again. The iconic brand has recently released a video campaign bringing back the famous dancing tots. Created by BETC Paris, “Baby & Me” begins with an average Joe who catches a glimpse of his toddler-self in a reflection. Coming upon a mirrored storefront, he begins to test out his dance moves. Soon, other passing pedestrians join in on the fun, which then leads into a full-out sidewalk dance party. 

This video campaign builds upon the tremendous success of Evian’s campaign in 2009, which featured roller-skating babies breakdancing and hitting the hottest skating tricks in the park. According to Guinness, the campaign raked in more than 66 million views, making it one of the most-watched online advertisements of all time. In less than a week, “Baby & Me” has already brought in over 30 million views and is on track to shatter their previous records. 

The success of these advertisements, besides the irresistible affinity for dancing babies, stems from the simple purpose of making us feel good. It doesn’t comply with the norm of pushing a product, but instead appeals to our "inner child" and embracing the innocence and joy of living young. These campaigns are a perfect example of ego advertising done the right way.

In addition to their video campaign, Evian is expected to produce billboards and posters of adults looking at their toddler-selves. They are also working to develop a mobile app that will use facial recognition technology to create a baby version of yourself. There are currently several apps in existence that can show an aged version of yourself, but let’s be honest, who is in a rush to age these days?

Check the ads out here:

"Baby & Me"

"Roller Babies"


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