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Twitter's Best Week Ever
By: Lakai Newman
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Since its inception, Twitter has been constantly proving itself to be one of the fastest relayers of information. In 140 characters or less, we find ourselves learning of breaking news before our beloved news stations even have a chance to fire up their cameras and cue their reporters. The death of Whitney Houston was first reported through Twitter. Porsha Stewart, Atlanta’s ‘Real Housewives’ cast member, learned of her divorce from former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart through Twitter. Yes, it has proven to be that fast and ubiquitous at times. 

Not to miss a beat, brands are always looking to remain household names by seeking new and innovative ways to get involved with growing technology. Bringing in over 400 million tweets on a daily basis, Twitter has risen to the occasion to be that innovation. Starcom MediaVest Group, a division of Publicis, has signed an advertising deal that will allow their clients (Coca Cola, Walmart, and Microsoft just to name a few) access to preferred advertising slots, research, and data via Twitter. 

The social outlet has proven itself as a reliable source where users are discussing the products and brands that they care about the most. The impact of this deal creates a merge between the participation of the consumer and powerhouse brands which will strengthen Twitter’s advertising platform. 

Besides being Twitter’s largest advertising deal to date, this multi-year contract worth an estimated four to six hundred million dollars confirms and catapults Twitter’s recent goals of bridging the gap between Internet and television. They have recently rolled out their #music app, implemented keyword advertising, and recently partnered with BBC America to enable in-stream sponsor videos. “Twitter, in a very short period of time, has gone from an experiment to something that is essential,” says Laura Desmond, global chief executive of Starcom MediaVest Group. “This is the future. It’s convergence.”


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Lakai Newman is a critical-thinking advertising and marketing professional whose office space is at 38,000 feet. He has a passion for international travel, adventure, and the art of experience. His personal blog can be found here.

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