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Twitter Enters Music Streaming? #KindOf
By: Greg Dorn
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These days, Twitter seems to be sticking its ambitious nose in the many facets of social media. First, we saw the acquisition of Vine, a video service tailor made to share six-second videos as Tweets. Now, Twitter has created its very own standalone app, Twitter #music, to get in on the growing popularity of streaming our music. However, our favorite 140-character micro-blog may have something different up their creative sleeves. Twitter #music is much less an outlet for music streaming than it is for music discovery. And that just may be the magic element that sets this initiative apart from the rest.
We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that Twitter would be entering the world of music in some fashion. Although the app and its true functionalities were only released yesterday, Ryan Seacrest might have let the cat out of the bag a little prematurely. What we now know, and what Seacrest has been praising since last week, is that Twitter #music doesn’t necessarily let you listen to full songs (unless you sign in with a Spotify or Rdio account, with more partnerships supposedly to follow). Instead, Twitter #music treats us to a one-stop hub for discovering Twitter’s most popular songs.
With a checkerboard of tile-like images, you can click on a trending artist and listen to a snippet of their currently hot song, courtesy of iTunes. Swipe to the left and the tiles will feature emerging artists with their own musical previews.
But again, Twitter #music is all about encountering new artists and music that you otherwise wouldn’t have found. The #NowPlaying feature allows you to once again click on a tile of a song shared by the people you follow. The “Suggested” feature displays tiles of artists you might like and allows you to sample their tunes. Your Twitter profile screen also includes all of the musical acts you follow. Click on their tiles to hear a song or see which musicians they themselves follow. And of course, you have the ability to Tweet out any song that you listen to on the app, once again leading to more sharing and discovery.
I believe Twitter has something special on their hands. We already remain bombarded with a countless number of music-streaming services. And with rumors of more players entering the game, it’s getting quite crowded. Twitter’s niche is to focus on sharing and discovery, rather than straight streaming, and it might keep them around when the dust settles. Stay tuned!

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