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Google Nose Best: Connecting Scent to Search
By: Lakai Newman
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What may very well have been an April Fool’s joke has now set forth the possibility of a new innovation. Earlier last week, Google introduced the idea of Google Nose; a beta-staged feature that will ultimately connect search with scent. Google is deemed as one of the most powerful search engines on the Internet. When you are searching for something, Google quickly quenches your curiosity by providing an almost instant virtual response. Currently, we are limited to only seeing our results; we are unable to experience them. If you think seeing is believing, imagine how you will feel if Google could satisfy your sense of smell as well. Taking this point in mind, the possibility of Google Nose would be a significant advancement in technology and the world of marketing. 

Scent Marketing has been studied for quite some time. We’ve grown to understand that emotional connections are closely related with smells and affect the way we approach items, brands, and experiences (think: Abercrombie & Fitch). The alleged Google Nose will be a search engine where you can learn how your results smell. In Google’s language, Google Nose is deemed as a flagship olfactory knowledge feature that will enable users to search for smells. New Car Scent? Wet Dog? Success? There are smells for that and Google has them readily available along with an impressive 15 million unique scents collected from around the world. 

Whether this is the ultimate techie prank or not, Google may very well be on to something impacting. Businesses around the world have been toying with this idea and even implementing it into their own practices. For example, some companies are employing artificial "noses" to detect the freshness of meats, produce, and wines. Medical facilities are detecting diabetes from the sweetness of a patient’s breath and security forces are detecting illegal drugs and weapons.

One can only fathom the search inquiries that will arise from this feature, but the convenience that this feature will bring to online consumers will quickly overshadow that. Online shoppers will now be able to sample body and home fragrances among an array of other things right from the comfort of...wherever. Google has yet to declare whether this feature is fact or myth, but what better company is there to introduce it to the world? One thing is for sure, the idea exists and it is only a matter of time before we find it at our nose-tips. 

Prank or Possibility? Watch the Google Nose advertisement and determine for yourself.


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Lakai Newman is a critical-thinking advertising and marketing professional whose office space is at 38,000 feet. He has a passion for international travel, adventure, and the art of experience. His personal blog can be found here.

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