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Digital Content Rental and Purchasing Industry Overcrowded?
By: Tiana Tucker
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Rdio, a music streaming service and rival to Spotify, announced on Wednesday that it was entering the video streaming business with its new service VdioRdio’s new video streaming service joins the likes of Amazon, Apple, Hulu, and HBO, which only skims the surface of a few of the major players in the industry at the moment. The way that users consume media today has increased the demand for the freedom to watch content whenever and wherever they please. As a result, startups and large corporations alike have designed services to respond to the need. 

Is the online premium video content industry getting overcrowded and is it too late for Vdio? Major contenders in the market like Amazon’s Instant Video and Hulu have been in the video streaming business since 2008, while other content purchase-to-own models for digital video content have origins that date back even further. 

So at this stage, Vdio has to offer customers something else to break consumers’ loyalty with competing services and Vdio attempts to do that by using what it has learned from the music streaming sister company Rdio. People like to share information in real-time about what they are watching or experiencing in that very moment. It’s not much different than the conversations that currently happen on a daily basis on Twitter or Facebook centered on what people are watching right now. There’s even a social space that gives people a place solely dedicated to what they are watching on television, be it a motion picture or a sitcom on the growing social network GetGlue. So where does Vdio fit into all of this? Vdio is hoping to integrate some deeper content discovery via a consumer’s current network or friends. It is abandoning the ‘if you liked XYZ, then you may like…’ calculated algorithm-based recommendation concept often used by its competitors.  
Vdio is now available for use via the Web or iPad devices to Rdio Unlimited account holders in the US and UK, in which the company hopes to expand the service for use on other platforms soon. Vdio is offering customers the ability to purchase or rent television shows and movies for at various price points, which should not be confused to with video subscription models. Should Vdio begin to offer an unlimited subscription model in the future, the service could potentially grab a much bigger slice of the digital video content market, especially as the Millennial generation leads the pack in opting out of the pricey cable subscription models.

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Tiana Tucker is an online marketing professional working as the Inbound Marketer for Nursing@Simmons, which is an online master's in nursing offered by Simmons College. Keep up with Tiana on Twitter @TianaMTucker or Google+.


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