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Lost in Texting Translation
By: Jessica Cherok
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Is social media degrading our language skills, or is it simply that we’ve reached a new evolutionary place in communication? After all, you don’t hear anyone demanding we return to conversing in Latin.

Of course we’ve all been there — on the receiving end of an unintelligible text or email from someone that saddens your faith in the future of humankind. Srsly...u no rite?

Right, you do seriously know. And it hurts.

We live in a world where ellipses are periods, numbers stand in for words, and acronyms can take the place of entire sentences. Even if you hate it, you feel a weird social pressure to use it. LOL ppl — get with it.

Now — more than ever before — may be one of the most pivotal points in history when it comes to language. Although that’s probably what was said when we moved from chiseling stone tablets to writing on parchment, or when typesetting threatened the art of quill penmanship.

So, is this something we need to be freaking out about or should we all just calm down our antiquated ideals? Should we start teaching kids how to use @ and # to get ahead in business?

Just as it was throughout history, this is probably a question that can’t be answered until after the fact. If new media is destroying language, we don’t know it yet. We may not even think of it as destruction when we ttyt about it. We may think it’s gr8t.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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