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Busy? You Might Need a Sherpa
By: Jessica Cherok
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You have a busy week — an unreasonable number of meetings, dinner plans with old friends, soccer practice for one kid, ballet lessons for the other. Not to mention heading out of town for a couple of nights to woo that potential client. You’re unreasonably busy, and you, my friend, need a Sherpa.

Not a real Sherpa; they don’t actually sell those. But you can get yourself the Sherpa app, and it will help you get all of your commitments organized.

What’s wrong with your built-in calendar, you ask? Clearly, if you’re asking that, you must not be using your built-in calendar.

Sherpa not only tracks calendar appointments, but will glean information from your email and location data to send you helpful reminders about upcoming activities right when you need them. Whether its an alert to leave early to catch your flight because traffic is bad or a reminder of an upcoming meeting, the Sherpa app is designed to go beyond the standard features of calendars to be a more helpful assistant.

Any busy person can see the appeal of an app like Sherpa. The information we need for various tasks is often spread across multiple types of media. Having an application that will mine the important details and provide reminders just at the moment they’re needed most would be amazing.

And certainly easier than hiring an actual Sherpa to read your email and keep your schedule in check.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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