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The Digital World Is Now Mobile. Are You Prepared?
By: McBee|Gibraltar
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Mobile content viewing has become the norm, and with more 1.4 billion smartphones estimated to be in use by the end the year, tailoring communications for mobile platforms is more important than ever. This number provides immediate insight into the need for brands to adapt their communications approach for the rapidly expanding mobile market.

Quick Facts: Mobile Trends

In December 2012 a Pew study showed that nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone. Seventeen out of 100 of these users say that they use the Internet primarily on their smartphone instead of a computer. This means an organization that isn't maintaining a mobile presence is missing out on 17 percent of the market, a number that is likely to increase as smartphone technology continually improves.

According to a Google study, not only do 50 percent of people say that they feel frustrated and annoyed when visiting a site that’s not mobile friendly, but 60 percent say they’ll quickly move on to another site. This means that a company that lacks mobile optimization is not only irritating visitors, but is also driving them away — often to a competitor’s site.

Whether a smartphone user is at home, at work, or on the go, seventy-three percent of mobile searches trigger additional actions. A mobile search leads to two actions on average – meaning they will visit a website store, make a purchase, or make a call, often within two hours. This means that mobile searchers are ready and planning to make a quick follow-up. If you aren't taking advantage of this, and your competitors are, then your competition maintains the mobile edge.

How to Apply This Knowledge

Ask yourself the following questions to analyze your own approach:

  • How is your online content currently being presented to mobile audiences – do you have a strategic plan in place?
  • Are you tailoring your delivery for the type of material you're providing – are you considering how your audience is going to receive it?
  • Are you adjusting your presentation based on the screen your audience is using – are you utilizing “responsive design” guidelines?

Start considering the above questions to ensure you’re capitalizing on every web visit — via desktop, smartphone, tablet or otherwise. As mobile content becomes more important and pressing, you may be tempted to react quickly in order to appease short-term goals, but make sure you're taking a strategic approach — play the long game when it comes to mobile marketing and communications. Although it is easier to focus on adapting immediate tactics, mobile is here for the foreseeable future and all undertakings should have a long-term vision.


The market is expanding, and quickly. Smartphone users, especially when they’re on the go, have proven to be highly demanding: they want content tailored to their experience that is easy-to-browse and relevant to their search. If your website is not mobile ready — it is imperative that you rethink your mobile strategy.

This blog was adapted from an original piece on the McBee Strategic website. Ashtan Moore and Jess Stone are digital media specialists at McBee|Gibraltar. Connect with them on Twitter: @ashtanmoore and @jstonemv.


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