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Klout Perks Up to Businesses with New Feature
By: Tiana Tucker
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In July of 2010, consumers received Klout Perks, and now brands are receiving a Klout product designed specifically with them in mind: Klout for Business. The company introduced the data-driven product on its blog yesterday. Since Klout’s start five years ago it has been all about identifying how large a given user’s social media network of influence is and unearthing the who, what, when, and where details surrounding a given amount of influence. Klout’s new business tool stays the course and offers businesses the opportunity to see those same influencer details on a much more massive, audience-specific scale in a neatly organized dashboard. 

Klout for Business essentially seeks to give brands a closer look at how they are interacting with their influencers, what topics their influencers are most influential in, and where their influencers are most active on social media. All the data can, of course, be broken down into users’ Klout score ranges in increments of ten, up to the maximum score of 100. 

Just how many influencers has the social influencer network been able to entice to sign up? Well, “over 70% of today’s digital influencers” are users, with new members joining every day, the company wrote in the blog post announcing the new product. Klout appears to be cross-selling its Klout Perks product with its new business tool as there are a couple of case studies featured on the web page providing further details about Klout for Business. The page also lists a few interesting statistics that compare its campaign results to traditional forms of marketing that are sure to make any online marketer a bit curious, like the claim that “content produced by Klout influencers garners 4x as many retweets as content posted by average social media users.” Several case studies from brands such as Doritos, Chevy Volt, Disney, Spotify, and others are given as successful examples of campaigns run using its Klout Perks product.

Prior to the Klout for Business’ release, Klout's last major new product release was Klout Moment, which incorporated more pieces of Klout social information in determining consumers scores and also highlighted key content shared on a user’s Klout profile. Klout joins Pinterest, another social media company, who recently made the leap into the world of social data and insights with Pinterest Web Analytics just last week. 

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About the Author
Tiana Tucker is an online marketing professional working as the Inbound Marketer for Nursing@Simmons, which is an online master's in nursing offered by Simmons College. Keep up with Tiana on Twitter @TianaMTucker or Google+.


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