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Apps to Protect Kids
By: Jessica Cherok
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Kids these days — always texting, uploading photos, and what-have-you. But the long-term ramifications of what is posted online are hard to impress upon the younger generation. Heck, it’s a lesson some adults are still learning.

But before we all go gray with worry and give up entirely on the future of humanity’s sense of decency online, you should know that there is hope.

First, it’s not that younger people just don’t care about online privacy. For them, sharing information is par for the course; a social norm in their highly networked world. Several studies, including a recent one conducted by Nokia, show young people using technology more than ever, but also making informed choices based off of how providers and services protect their information.

Still, finding out what not to post online is a tough lesson to learn in hindsight. Thankfully, there are new apps coming to the rescue.

Services like Snapchat will automatically delete texts and pictures from the user's mobile device. Once the allowed viewing time (set by the sender) expires, the media is deleted, never to resurface and ruin job candidacy. Admittedly, there is still the little hiccup of screenshots, but let’s stick with being optimistic here.

Hopefully the combination of contentious kids and technology will lead to more innovative apps geared toward protecting younger users.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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