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Tumblr Ads Are Going Mobile
By: Tiana Tucker
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Tumblr’s mobile audience has more than doubled in the past six months, which has pushed the popular blogging platform’s mobile strategy to the top of its priorities list this year. Tumblr is gearing up to enter the mobile advertising space by offering to promote brands’ Tumblr blogs and content on its mobile application.

Tumblr has been around for six years and is only now turning its attention to becoming a profitable company. Just last year, Tumblr became the ninth-most popular website in the U.S., which raised a lot of questions about when it would introduce a monetization strategy. 

In March of 2012, the company began selling advertising on its ordinary web platform to a select number of clients. At the moment, Tumblr offers two products to advertisers:
  1. The option to promote a blog as a Tumblr Spotlight, or
  2. A Tumblr Radar feature for a specific piece of content from a Tumblr blog.
According to David Karp, Tumblr’s Chief Executive Officer, its advertising model has been tested with 16 big companies that have yielded positive results from both its clients and the Tumblr community. Additionally the company has been known to put its users first in most of its decisions and Karp is not a huge fan of traditional display advertising on the Web or mobile, which may explain why things have not happened as quickly as they have for other companies. Karp told Bloomberg that his company is encouraging brands to create “real creative advertising stuff that fits right alongside the content,” in order to avoid the obtrusive nature of tradition of Web ads. Coca-Cola featured a campaign on Tumblr with a series created around the soft-drink brand’s “open happiness” slogan

Lee Brown, the Head of Sales at Tumblr, told Bloomberg that the average advertising purchase, thus far, is near the six-figures mark, which he believes has the company on track to become profitable sometime this year. Tumblr has become one of the latest social networking sites, behind Facebook and Twitter, to get serious in the native advertising space. It's taken Tumblr six years to travel down the path to monetization, so the three-year-old social discovery network Pinterest has plenty of time to begin rounding that corner over the next few months, if not a year or two.

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About the Author
Tiana Tucker is an online marketing professional working as the Inbound Marketer for Nursing@Simmons, which is an online master's in nursing offered by Simmons College. Keep up with Tiana on Twitter @TianaMTucker or Google+.


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