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Google+ Sign-In: More Engagement and App Downloads
By: Tiana Tucker
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Google decided it wanted to join its fellow social networking competitors Facebook and Twitter in the application sign-in arena yesterday when it introduced Google+ Sign-In. Applications using the web, Android, or iOS can now allow users to sign in to use their services with Google+. 

Google already has application sign-in features in place for Google Accounts, but with its Google+ application sign-in it’s seeking to take the sign-in experience a bit further. Google’s touting its latest product as simple, trusted, and secure, which these days means a lot as many cyber properties have dealt with security issues in the past few weeks. 

Google+ is implementing a simple two-step verification that’s very similar to Facebook Connect’s sign-in process where users enter their network credentials and then evaluate the types of permissions they want to grant the application. It also emphasizes the ability to share certain pieces of content with specific groups, or circles, instead of — as Google put it — sharing “social spam” with an entire network. When a piece of content is shared with specific parts of a users’ network, Google’s promising that it's going to be more interactive in the Google+ stream and will be more like a call to action (buy, listen, watch, or review) for a specific piece of content. 

The one feature that likely has application creators excited is the over-the-air installation. The over-the-air installation feature allows a user signing in through the web application to instantly install the Android application to their mobile device in one simple step.  

Google premiered the Google+ Sign-In feature with 10 partners: Banjo, Beautylish, Fancy, Fitbit, Flixster, The Guardian, OpenTable, Shazam, TuneIn, and USA Today; it seems to be about creating meaningful engagement via applications with the user’s social network and increasing application installations.

Below, check out Google’s promotional video, featuring a representative from one of its partner companies, The Fancy, discussing why Google+ Sign-In is the better way to sign in.

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Tiana Tucker is an online marketing professional working as the Inbound Marketer for Nursing@Simmons, which is an online master's in nursing offered by Simmons College. Keep up with Tiana on Twitter @TianaMTucker or Google+.


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