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And The Oscar Goes To...Brands on Twitter!
By: Kevin Weaver
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The 2013 Oscars have come and gone. Just like every year, there were winners, losers, awkward interviews on the red carpet, forced laughter, and plenty of jokes that missed their mark. Seth MacFarlane did a good enough job of moving the show along while managing to infuriate women everywhere with his jokes. Just another day at the office for Mr. MacFarlane.  He must have done something right, however, because ABC received a rise in views of their telecast of 3% over last year.

The red carpet offers the stars an opportunity to get dolled up and be seen. Brands and advertisers look at the Oscars in the same light. For a 30-second spot on this year's show, advertisers shelled out an average of $1.7 million. Overall, there was nothing particularly outstanding about last night's ads, but we are only a couple weeks past the Super Bowl so our expectations may be a little too high. According to Networked Insights, Samsung won big with its "Unicorn Apocalypse" spots, which generated the most discussion on social networks. Tim Burton might have had a little to do with that as the director made an appearance in the last of six spots purchased by Samsung.

The only thing more entertaining than watching the Oscars on TV, however, is following along on Twitter. The social platform offers a new experience for those watching anything on television. Whether it is the president's state of the union address, the Super Bowl, an awards show, or a revived ad featuring two rich men pursuing each other in a Bond-esque car chase for some mustard, you can be sure that there is a related discussion taking place on the Twitterverse. During Sunday night's Oscars, following along on Twitter was like sitting in a virtual balcony with all of your best friends. 

Twitter has shown its value by giving brands the ability to get creative and interact with their followers. Smart Cars USA created "smart-sized" videos using Vine as a tribute to the award winners and posted them on Twitter. Videos included a car wearing a wig whose hair was being cut (Les Miserables), a car flying upside down (Flight), and a car with a beard and top hat (do I really need to clarify on that one?). Check it out for yourself at smartusainsider.com.

The Oscars is a classic production that will never lose its glamour or its appeal to viewers; the only thing that will change is how people watch it. Instead of making the trek out to the city of Angels, social media allows us to meticulously pick apart and analyze shows from the comfort of our own digital peanut galleries.


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Kevin Weaver is a marketing professional in Wichita, KS with two years of experience. Past and present work includes email marketing compaigns, client e-store development, social media, and destination marketing.
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