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Hacked Again
By: Jessica Cherok
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Did you happen to notice in between all of the Harlem Shake videos that a couple of fairly high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked? If you missed it, that’s too bad because it was awesome. Unless of course you were part of these companies’ PR teams.

First, @BurgerKing was hacked. In a flurry of hilarious tweets, Burger King announced its sale to McDonalds because of the Whopper's flop. Then came the @Jeep hack, also including hilarious (and less crude) tweets.

Certainly hackings happen. Only a few weeks ago, nearly 250,000 Twitter accounts may have been compromised. As a result, Twitter began entertaining the idea of a two-feature authentication (2FA) process. While still a ways off, both @BurgerKing and @Jeep could have benefited from some 2FA account security this week.

And while for the rest of us on Twitter the hackings were humorous, there is no doubt staff with both companies were freaking out. Each was victim to some damaging tweets and posted images, which are now prominent in the public's mind.

So how much longer will it take Twitter to bring on the 2FA? They haven't come out with any sort of timeline yet, but with continued highly visible incidents like these, they will surely need to get a move on it.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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