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Jailbreaking: Why You Should Avoid It
By: Greg Dorn
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To the everyday iPhone user, the recent iOS 6.1 update served as a mere tweak devised to smooth out a couple of the bugs and blips found in iOS 6. But to the iPhone power user, iOS 6.1 functioned as the final piece of a long-awaited puzzle. The code has officially been cracked for jailbreaking any iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running Apple’s latest mobile operating system. Needless to say, this news left the latter of the two groups extremely ecstatic. However, for the former group of iDevice owners, few are even aware of the term or perceived benefits of a jailbreak. After hearing the gist of this yearly tradition that began with the very first iPhone, you’ll understand why you should steer clear of such a procedure.
For those unfamiliar with the term, jailbreaking is essentially “breaking” into Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS) with the intent to activate certain capabilities that the device may lack. In essence, the process satisfies the group of individuals who love the iOS experience yet don’t wish to be constrained by the limitations that Apple offers.
For example, a jailbroken iPhone may allow you to erase the pre-installed apps that are undeletable on all iPhones (think the weather or stock apps no one uses). Jailbreaking allows users to customize their gadgets in ways seen only on Android and even Windows phones (think resizing app icons or adding widgets to your home screen). And every year, as Apple introducers their new mobile OS, small groups of highly intelligent “hackers” immediately go to work. Once their deed is done, they allow willing users to download their “hack,” install an app called Cydia, and open up their gadgets to an endless amount of possibilities (including the ability to use your phone unbounded from your cellular network). Sounds cool, right? Not so fast.
First off, jailbreaking is basically allowing an unauthorized, third-party operating system to enter your device. This can create all kinds of problems, as your iDevice is obviously meant to function to its greatest ability on the system that Apple has created. After a jailbreak has been performed, many people have reported certain apps failing to work properly, or significantly more vital functions crashing all together. Furthermore, if you do have Apple’s warranty program “AppleCare” on your device, they will not honor any repairs or remedies your gadget may require down the road. Long story short, it’s not smart to mess with any operating system unless you’re willing to face the consequences
If you are the type who likes to adjust, customize, or modify your device, buy an Android phone. Otherwise, trust in Apple’s efforts and leave their iOS alone.

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Greg Dorn is a blogger, writer, and obsessed with everything technology and social media. Greg is absolutely captivated with the recent advancements in mobile gadgets, making our world more seamlessly connected. You can learn more about him on his own blog here
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