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There's A Condom On That Cab! Or Is There?
By: Kevin Weaver
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Trojan is no stranger to bold advertising stunts and promotions. It's also no stranger screwing them up. Two days ago it was announced that the brand would be driving three taxis, each equipped with a giant condom on top, around a certain area of New York City on Valentine's Day and the following Friday. The complimentary "safe ride" would come with a Trojan representative who would ask riders questions in regards to the ins and outs of sexual health. Sound familiar? The idea is fairly similar the Discovery Channel's "Cash Cab," which picks people up, asks them questions, and then gives them cash for every correct answer. No cash will be given out by Trojan, but riders won't go away empty handed. Passengers who answer five or more questions correctly will receive a Trojan brand prize. The brand will also be giving away a year's supply of Trojan-brand condoms to individuals who answer every question correctly.

The Church & Dwight Co. brand claimed to have obtained all of the necessary medallions and city clearances to drive the taxis, but later developments indicate that the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) hadn't heard from the brand on any of this. 

"They haven't reached out to us...So imagine my surprise when they said they'd secured the necessary medallions," stated Allan Fromberg of the TLC.

The brand previously ran a promotion where they gave away vibrators at hot dog-style stands in New York City. While subtle and creative, the brand also neglected to get all of the appropriate licenses needed and the promotion was postponed for a day. If this is, in fact, true about the condom cabs, it just reeks of poor planning and a lack of preparedness. It's shocking that such a well-known brand would devote so much time and energy into a plan and then forget to tell the TLC about it. Now, in their defense, maybe it doesn't take long to become a licensee and obtain a medallion. Who knows, maybe this is all one big misunderstanding?

The brand laces its marketing with sexual innuendo, which is okay when you're in the business of selling love gloves. So maybe Trojan will understand when I say they need to bone up on their knowledge of New York City permits, licenses, and restrictions.

This whole thing could blow over and Trojan could be out roaming NYC by V-Day. So, whether or not the condom cabs actually make it to the streets, just take this for what it's worth; a company trying to do something nice for its customers and asking for nothing in return. After all, their business is your pleasure.


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Kevin Weaver is a marketing professional in Wichita, KS with two years of experience. Past and present work includes email marketing compaigns, client e-store development, social media, and destination marketing.
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