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To Case or Not to Case
By: Greg Dorn
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I’ll admit it. I am an Apple fanboy in every sense of the word. Sure, I have owned a MacBook laptop for as long as I can remember. But to me, it merely served as an essential tool that happened to look snazzy and run beautifully. After all, didn’t everyone have a computer? Surely my MacBook ownership didn’t qualify me as an Apple fanatic. The same goes for my mundane flip phone collection in which I churned through dozens over the years. I cannot even count the number of times I left one in a bar or lost another in a cab. It didn’t matter. A quick trip to the AT&T store and $20 later I was back in business. I was that guy who vowed never to get a smartphone. “Give me something I can make calls and send texts on and I’ll be a happy man,” I foolishly proclaimed.
Then, on one cold January day when my two-year contract once again expired, I traveled to that same AT&T store with an extra hop in my step. The year was 2011, and it appeared as if I were the last person on earth without a smartphone. Perhaps today I would inquire into what all the commotion was about. The iPhone 4 had previously been released, with Apple slashing the price of the 3GS to $50. I had come in expecting to pay hundreds, having no idea at the time how the iPhone pricing structure operated. $50? For an iPhone? Sign me up.
The man at the store opened the box, and while I expected to see a phone, I instead saw a work of art. The rounded edges screamed sleek and lavishing. The glossy back shined as the Apple logo gave a sense of luxury and prosperity. I held a device in my hand that could essentially run my entire life, and it looked oh so beautiful. “Perhaps you would like to purchase a case for your new phone.” I turned to the employee in total disbelief. How could one possibly choose to cover such a stunning design with a hideous case?
Years had passed, and I have since owned every iPhone to hit the market. The iPhone 4/4S was even more striking than its predecessor, yet more delicate and prone to damages. I had a conundrum on my hands. Do I shield my iPhone from the dangers of the outside world and compromise its beauty, or take a risk and bask in what designer Jony Ive had envisioned?
I chose the latter, and to this day, I have yet to clothe my iPhone in a protective shield. Even with the iPhone 5, which its tendency to scratch more easily than any other iOS device, I choose to display what Apple had worked so hard to achieve. To me, the iPhone parallels that search for the perfect girl: brains AND beauty.

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Greg Dorn is a blogger, writer, and obsessed with everything technology and social media. Greg is absolutely captivated with the recent advancements in mobile gadgets, making our world more seamlessly connected. You can learn more about him on his own blog here
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