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The Sweet Taste of Defeat
By: Kevin Weaver
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Depending on where you're from, the last couple days have been either incredibly awesome or incredibly unbearable. For example, if you're from, say, Baltimore, you've probably been pretty comfortable sitting on cloud nine since Sunday evening. Heck, you might have even had a beer or two. But if you live across the country in San Francisco, these last couple days have probably been pretty rough and I'm sure you drank more than two beers to mask the pain of a Super Bowl defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. 

Yesterday, in an attempt to console the distraught 49er fans, JELL-O gave out free pudding to the citizens of San Francisco during their JELL-O Pudding Drop. The company created a micro-site, funthingsup.com, which mapped out the five locations or "drop sites" and the times in which people could grab a free treat. There is even a photo timeline along the right side of the page that highlights the events of the day.

While this is an innovative and timely idea, it's not unprecedented. In fact, earlier this year Taco Bell gave out thousands of free Doritos Locos Tacos after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series while Papa John's gave away two million pizzas throughout the course of the NFL season.

What makes JELL-O's sympathy give-away so unique is how they took it one step further. In order to shield disgruntled Niner fans from the pangs of defeat that they are sure to encounter online, JELL-O created the Baltimore Block. The Baltimore Block is an app that runs through Google Chrome and contains features such as;
  • Blocking all images and words related to Baltimore
  • Replacing painful images from Sunday's loss with random cute critters
  • Active blocking once installed
  • Helps to erase the memory of Sunday's loss!
Imagine, instead of seeing a nasty Ravens logo or Ray Lewis's face, you could see an adorable puppy or a baby panda. Whatever floats your boat. Users also have the ability to control the length of time that the blocker works. 

JELL-O's idea of helping fans enjoy the sweet taste of defeat is the perfect example of how brands should engage their consumers. It was a fun and creative campaign that everyone could appreciate. Hopefully someday I can enjoy either the joys of a Super Bowl victory or the delicious taste of being second best, but I'm a Chiefs fan, so...


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About the Author
Kevin Weaver is a marketing professional in Wichita, KS with two years of experience. Past and present work includes email marketing compaigns, client e-store development, social media, and destination marketing.
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