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Are Anonymous Social Networks the Next Big Thing?
By: Christine Geraci
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There's something sexy about anonymity. 
In the 1900s, women disguised themselves as men by using fake pen names, just to ensure their work might get noticed by editors and publishers. Scandalous products and services almost always arrive in completely discrete packaging. Some of the most memorable quotes plastered all over Pinterest are anonymous. Full-blown online role-playing universes allow us to escape into virtual realms of our own making in complete disguise. 
And now, we also have whole social networks devoted to helping us hide behind veils of mystery. Take Whisper, for example: Where you can air your dirty laundry for all the world to see without having to say who you are. 
Spraffl is another one: This new app "allows you to post ANONYMOUS, location-based messages wherever you are in the world open to everyone around you to read and comment," according to its website. "Unlike all the other social networking apps, there are no friend networks to build, no people to follow, no checkins required and no badges or points."
"The revolution," Spraffl declares, "will be non-personalized."
Well, gosh, how can one not be intrigued?
Social Media consultant Sean Clark recently wrote an interesting post titled "Is the future of social networking anonymity?" in which he wonders if Spraffl just might be right. With so much defensive anxiety about online privacy, perhaps these anonymous social networks are "the future." 
If you ask me, they aren't, really.
They are merely the latest forums for the very normal, very human desire to sometimes escape into other personas, to disclose what must never be revealed, to confess what's better left unsaid — without having to endure the consequences. 
Will they ever be as big as Facebook? I doubt it. In the end, I think most of us would miss the unique attention that comes with putting your name to a statement. 
What do you think of anonymous social networking?

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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