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Pebble: The Wait is Finally Over
By: Greg Dorn
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Way back when, a group of inventors sought to create a wearable device that speaks to your phone. In the age of endless phone calls and pop-up notifications, why spend the time and energy rummaging through your purse or pocket to see what the racket’s all about? Why not have the ability to simply look at your watch and therefore determine if pulling out your handset is worth the effort? This became the exact train of thought of the folks behind the most successful Kickstarter project of all time.
For those unaware, Kickstarter serves as the innovator’s virtual platform to showcase their products in hopes of attracting “backers.” A specific date and price are set to reach the monetary goals necessary for production. If the goal is met by the set date, those who have contributed stand first in line to receive the product.
Word of the Pebble and its ability to act as both a watch and an extension of your smartphone took the tech world by storm. One would have the capability to simply look at their wrist to see who was calling, what song was playing, and many other notifications. Furthermore, app developers can add Pebble support to their apps, making the possibilities endless. Rumors even spread to Apple turning their square-shaped iPod Nano into a Pebble-like device (although this was quickly squashed as the new Nano took on the shape of a credit card). Nevertheless, the hype resulted in 68,929 backers contributing over $10 million, a record for Kickstarter (despite the pledged goal of only $100,000). Needless to say, the masses craved a wristwatch that could sync with your iPhone or Android device. Unfortunately, like many Kickstarter projects, manufacturing issues delayed the shipment dates that promised to commence by Fall 2012. Then came the announcement of a Pebble press conference at CES 2013, and it appeared the wait might be over.
To the delight of many, Pebble’s official Kickstarter page has announced that at the time of this article’s publication, the first batch has officially been shipped. Eager backers can also turn here for shipping and production updates. The Pebble will also be equipped with an official iOS App (awaiting App Store approval) and an Android app that will be available on Google Play come Thursday, January 24.
For those who did not pledge any money during the initial rounds of funding, visit getpebble.com to order yours today.
Are you excited about this innovative and highly anticipated product launch? Let us know in the comments below. 

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