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Reddit Rings In 2013 With a New Tablet and Mobile Interface!
By: Jennifer Stack
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A long anticipated tablet and mobile friendly interface has finally arrived for the self-acclaimed, “front page of the Internet,” Reddit. Hot off their most successful year to date, which yielded impressive stats like 37 billion page views and 400 million unique visitors, everyone’s favorite user forum on all things interwebz, Reddit, was gifted with a new user Interface via Reeddit, courtesy of web developer Bernardo Baquero Stand. Bernardo describes his creation as “a minimalist, elastic and read-only Reddit web-app client that lets you create custom ‘Channels’ with up to 3 subreddits each.” Reedit utilizes responsive design allowing users the ability to access Reddit on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Thus far it has been well received by the social media sphere, despite its caveat of being a read-only version of the cult site. A unique feature to the interface is the function of integrating up to three subreddits into one display for easy reading. For those interested in taking a deeper dive into the construction of the interface, whether it be source code, tools used, or compatibility info, visit the source for all things About.

The impact for site is unclear, but surely it is bound to increase metrics across the hub as it draws those potential users who were turned off by the initial user experience. If analytics are being tracked, Bernardo could have a popular advertising platform on his hands in conjunction with Advance Publications, the parent company of Reddit. While Redditors are noted for preferring ad-free forums for discussion, there are always those Internet dwellers that would prefer to have a better user experience with minimal ad display vs. a terrible one with no ads. The read-only functionality of the current Reeddit protects the sanctity of the website from outsiders who are not necessarily familiar with reddiquette (read: the intense standards of Redditors). Thus, Reeddit presents an opportunity for Marketers and Advertisers to interact with the forum at a higher frequency — not that the barrier to entry of user experience has been removed. More time spent in Reddit/Reeddit will provide stronger insights to digital sub-cultures and consumers’ online perceptions of memes, culture, and brands, which can then be used to optimize communication plans.

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Jennifer Stack is a Social Media Strategist at a digital advertising agency. She was a 2011 Notable.ca YP Social Media Finalist. International Marketing Communication, MA. International Marketing Strategy, MSc. LinkedIn + Twitter.
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