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Seinfeld Elevates TV on the Internet
By: Greg Dorn
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Jerry Seinfeld saw it coming from a mile away. Television as we know it is a dying breed. Long gone are the days of dreary cable channels, bombarded with endless commercials and advertisements. No longer do we tune in at 8/7 central to catch the latest episode in real time, or even have shows confined to the standard 30 or 60 minutes. Streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix proved to be early signs of this TV revolution (the latter in the works to unveil an Internet-only production of Arrested Development). And now that Seinfeld’s critically acclaimed and highly watched web-series has been renewed for 24 additional episodes, the transformation from traditional television to Internet TV just catapulted itself to a whole a new level.
It started as a mere experiment; an act of boredom, almost. The man that created arguably the greatest sitcom of all time had a yearning to break away from conventional TV and test the waters of a show found only via the Internet. And so the idea for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee came to fruition. According to an interview with The New York Times, Seinfeld couldn’t help but observe the increasing amount of people consuming media by phone or tablet. However, the veteran comedian was reluctant to wander back towards his sitcom days. He goes on to recall his desire for something fresh, stating, “…Oh, I’m back in the old game. And I don’t want to play the old game. I played that game. I want to play a new game.”
Seinfeld was particularly attracted to the aspect of time flexibility, allowing for episodes to run at any given length. Sony Pictures Television (the same company that distributes re-runs of Seinfeld) is also on board to create some revenue. Mix that with the 10 million viewers of the show via the app/website “Crackle,” and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee just might be the game-changer that web-series have been looking for.
So grab your phone, computer, or tablet and plug in. It looks like we’re headed for a brand-new idea of what a television series can be. Stay tuned.

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