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Social Privacy?
By: Matthew Busby
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Social privacy is a major issue when it comes to social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. On Wednesday, Facebook took steps to simplify its privacy settings to give consumers more control and clarity over the personal information that users can share. However, social networking has become more and more complicated over the past few years and many things are changing. Most average users do not know how to effectively use Facebook privacy settings.
Facebook has changed the design of its site to make privacy controls more accessible and make it easier for members to manage their shared content.
The new changes include an additional shortcut in the main tool bar to manage specific settings such as how to block other users and simplified language throughout the site to clarify how information is being shared. This includes an easier way to share or hide multiple photos at a time.
Under the new changes, Facebook users can now review their activity by posts, photos, and comments. This feature allows users to see more detail about which posts others can see by revealing which audiences can see certain posts.
Facebook is also changing the way third-party applications have permissions to make posts. Originally, the applications were allowed to share posts with your friends, but now, the applications will have to ask for permission in a more prominent separate screen.
Facebook has received much scrutiny in the past about online security and the way the company handles users’ data. It is difficult to keep members happy over privacy. Privacy is especially important now as the growth rate of Facebook’s new users is slowing down. Facebook wants to be seen as a trusted social networking site. It also values itself as an advertising platform, which is directly connected to users’ interests.
It is important to be aware of all social network sites’ security settings and users should implement them at all costs. It may take some time to get used to, but ultimately it is up to the user to read the Terms of Service as well as keeping informed on all the updates they are using for social network sites.
To learn more, please read this article from WSJ.com.

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About the Author
Matthew Busby is currently a student at the University of Tennessee studying advertising and an intern at Scripps Networks Interactive. He has a strong interest in the industry of social media and televison. He also enjoys writing for his own personal blog at www.busybusby.wordpress.com.
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