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Toys R Us Comes Full Circle With Famous Jingle
By: Kevin Weaver
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The word on the street is that Toys R Us is not very happy. Maybe even a little panicked. The company reported that four out of five kids do not know the words to their once-notorious "I'm a Toys R Us Kid" jingle. How could this happen? Looks like parents everywhere really dropped the ball on this one. But what's the big idea? It's just a song, right?

The power of a jingle, or any music in advertising, is incredibly powerful. Sound bites in advertising have been used for decades. Every day, I'm sure you find yourself humming a tune from a commercial you heard on the radio or saw on the television that morning when you were getting ready for work. The music doesn't even need to have words with it to associate itself with a particular brand. Much like Toys R Us, McDonald's had tremendous success with its song for the Big Mac.

Memory retention is key, and that is what music in advertising is for. It doesn't even have to be a good jingle. More often than not, it's the worst jingles that stand out the most and get stuck in your head.

That being said, it's not shocking that Toys R Us would be so concerned about this. To have 80% of their target market not identify with their brand is pretty serious. What is interesting is what the toy company is doing to remedy this. In order to create buzz and renewed interest, they started a Facebook campaign called "I'm a Toys R Us Kid - Sing 'R' Song Sweepstakes." This campaign encourages families to send in video clips of their children singing the classic jingle. Contestants stand a chance to win a $2,500 shopping spree or other prizes. 

So, really, the only thing that is changing is the method in which the song is being delivered. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The jingle was wildly successful in the '80s, so why shouldn't it be today? Originally the song was plastered all over the television; now it has made its way into the realm of social media.

What's genius about what Toys R Us is doing is that they are bringing the original Toys R Us Kids full circle. Now mom and dad, who once found themselves enthralled with this song, can share it with their children. Aside from the money given away in prizes, this is a relatively inexpensive marketing idea. Why spend millions on advertising and branding when you could let the consumers do all the legwork for you?


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About the Author
Kevin Weaver is a marketing professional in Wichita, KS with two years of experience. Past and present work includes email marketing compaigns, client e-store development, social media, and destination marketing.
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