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Tweet Chat Resources
By: E. V. Perkins Jr.
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A Tweet Chat is a public discussion on Twitter around a unique hashtag. It’s a great way to build your social media following, listen to and get feedback from your audience, and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

I’m considering a Tweet Chat at work and found countless websites offering guides. Google returned 114,000,000 results for "tweet chat guide." Two resources have been very helpful, so I had to share them.

HubSpot’s 8 Steps to Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat
This guide is great because it’s simple and direct. It outlines and briefly explains what you need to be successful. If you already understand Tweet Chats and have sold the idea up the ladder, then this quick-start guide from HubSpot will help you execute.

Social Media Examiner’s 5 Steps to Hosting Successful Twitter Chats: Your Ultimate Guide
This is the Ultimate Resource on Tweet Chats. It goes beyond tips and tricks to the whys and hows. Social Media Examiner explains (in great detail) how to plan, promote, run, and analyze your Tweet Chat. It’s a BOOK on Twitter Chats.

These are two fantastic resources on Tweet Chats. While some of the tips are similar, there are some differences. I encourage you to check out both of them.

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E. V. Perkins Jr. is a marketing and new media specialist in the Milwaukee-area. Learn more about him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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