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A New Way to Share Instagram Profiles
By: Matthew Busby
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As of now, the only way for Instagrammers to show their profiles to the masses was to leave a link on their website or blog. This may seem like a silly task for some, but the masses were not happy about this. Instragram has now given users an easier way to implement their new profile pages with a simple click of a button.
A few days ago, Instragram started to implement its badges system. The badges, along with the new Instagram profiles, are now an easy way to promote the user’s profile page across the web. These badges are not like the badges used in the geo-location application Foursquare. The badges are more like the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook badges that make it easier to see a profile across the Internet.

To obtain an Instagram badge, visit http://instagram.com/accounts/badges and then select the badge icon you wish to promote, copy the JavaScript, and paste it into your personal website or blog. It seems like a simple way to let others see all the glorious pictures you have posted via the Instagram application.
"Instagram badges are available in a range of sizes and can be easily added to your website, blog or anywhere that you want to link to your Instagram web profile," Instagram wrote in a blog post. "We are very excited to launch Instagram badges, a tool that will help you link to and promote your Instagram web profile. Add them to your brand website, campaign promotions or personal blog to help users discover and engage with your Instagram content."

The new badge system is all about branding. This could be used by a company to promote its official profile page and new products, or it could be used on a personal level for the everyday consumer. Now that Facebook owns Instagram, the newer social media outlet is seeing a major overhaul. It appears that Facebook will leave its mark on Instagram and morph the social media into an extension of Facebook profiles. Is this a good thing? One cannot say for certain just yet.  
The badge system is a large step for the upcoming and quickly growing social media site. Until a few weeks ago, Instagram was seen largely as a mobile application. With the new developments, Instagram is taking form as a social media site rather than a place where users’ photos are stored. With the investments that Facebook is now making with Instagram, it seems that the parent company as well as its users are evolving quickly. The next few steps that Instagram takes will ultimately shape the future of the expanding social media site.

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About the Author
Matthew Busby is currently a student at the University of Tennessee studying advertising and an intern at Scripps Networks Interactive. He has a strong interest in the industry of social media and televison. He also enjoys writing for his own personal blog at www.busybusby.wordpress.com.
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