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Tips For Working Through The Holiday Season
By: Tom Roarty
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As a creative professional or any member of the working class, there are going to be times that it seems that the rest of the world can take a break, but you have to keep going. As the holiday season approaches, those who have to work through it sometimes tend to wallow in a pool of negative emotions, and although it is a natural reaction to knowing that you cannot be with family and friends, there are ways that I have found over the years to combat those feelings.
Chances are that if your business is operational over the holidays, there is most likely a profitability factor involved. In today's economy, generated revenue is what is keeping your position secure. One way to look at it is that you can work through a few holidays and be able to provide for yourself and family, or you can rise against and be unemployed. Either way, the work goes on.
Most of the time if you get stuck working, there is a good chance you won't be working alone. The holidays provide an opportunity to become closer to your coworkers, especially if you are all in the same boat. Those bonds tend to last long after the holidays are over and create a stronger working and team environment.
Even the most demanding boss realizes you do not want to be at your desk during the holidays. Complaining about it just makes it easier for him, or her, to detach themselves from their emotional tie to you. Because let's face it: We all like to shun the office complainer. If you can control your frustration and be a professional, working through the holiday season is a time that could help advance your career.
On the topic of career advancement, it is also helpful to keep the mindset that if you weren't trusted and proficient at your position, while working for a company that stayed open while others vacationed, you wouldn't be asked to be there. Always remember that jobs are a necessity for survival, but working in an industry of your choosing is a privilege.
Businesses are about making profit, not punishing people. If you are chosen to work, it is probably because through you, your employer feels they have the best earning potential. Although that may not seem like a comforting thought while you're at you desk, knowing that you are relied upon is not only a testament to your abilities, but it is a huge ego boost as well!
Finally, there is always the thought of knowing that once your workday is done, your family and friends will still be there. People usually understand the logistics of employment, and life does find a way to work around obstacles. The fact is, we can all come up with places we would rather be than work at any given time — the holidays just tend to amplify those emotions. For the sake of your sanity — and career — stay calm, keep your priorities in focus, and know you are not alone.


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