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Changing the World of Branding to Do Good
By: Emory Brown
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We can change the world of branding with visions to do good!

“My people will perish without a vision…” I always loved this bible verse because it sheds light on the power of having foresight for your life, family, and business. It’s paramount because who have we seen in this lifetime that didn’t have a vision for success? 
Walt Disney had a vision to become an animator. Thereafter, his vision grew into becoming one of the best full-feature animated movie storytellers. From there he created an organization that has become a powerhouse in the world of entertainment, and all this came from the vision of a little mouse that was the captain of a steamboat! Amazing! Awesome! It’s spectacular…the power of having a good vision for your company and your life.

Today, as we look at the landscape of brands, are we asking the question…what’s our vision? Have some American companies departed from the values that helped build this country? Do they relish profits and cheaper labor over supporting America with jobs? Mitt Romney said, “Let Detroit die!” and that they didn’t need a bailout, yet Obama had the vision to revitalize the car industry in America. Now Chrysler is proudly boasting the tagline, “Imported from Detroit.” Beautiful vision!
It’s time to start casting vision for American industries. It doesn’t matter if it’s green, oil, or technology. As brands, we need to redevelop our vision to include the empowerment of our industries to support the brilliant people in our country that are willing and ready to lead the next industrial revolution, tech revolution, or entertainment revolution. Start a revolution!

Furthermore, we have a rich history of visionaries; these are past and present examples of what having a good vision for your brand can do.
Google's vision/mission statement, depending on the interpretation, is “Do no evil.” On this ideal, they have built a great organization that is not only a brand powerhouse but also one the best places in the world to work. Employees have free lunch, day care, sleeping quarters, gyms…we can just keep going. Nike changed the world of athletics by telling the world to “Just Do It,” and they’ve done it! Nike is a brand loved around the world and it employs people all around the world. As Alan Kay (the father of the laptop) once said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” He’s talking about vision. Who doesn’t have a laptop? The laptop is, for all intents and purposes, the mother of that new thing we are falling in love with called the tablet.

Have vision…envision…dream about "big brands" and "big ideas" that can do "big good" in the world today, tomorrow, and in the future. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a vision that he shared with the world in a speech: “I have a dream.” That dream helped America become a more beautiful place. Let’s use this idea to fill America with some more beautiful brands.


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About the Author
Emory Brown is an award-winning creative director/writer whose mission is to spread the gospel of what great marketers can do when they put their heads together and work together for the greater good and not the bottom line. Working with many esteemed clients, his portfolio of work ranges in genre from conservative to ultra-modern including American Family Insurance, United Airlines, Mazda 6 and RX-8, Illinois Lottery, Tyson, Miller Genuine Draft, Nike Air Force 1, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few.  
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