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JetBlue's Victorious Campaign!
By: Tom Roarty
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It seems as if every major event is covered by the advertising industry these days. The ability to be topical, thought provoking, and engaging is, after all, just one of the keys to a campaign's success. So it only makes sense that as we gear up for the presidential election in November, we will start to see more campaigns based on the event. This election's crop of campaign-themed ads have started surfacing, and if JetBlue's initiative is any indication of what's to come, we have a lot to look forward to.
On my way to work, I am lucky enough to be able to take mass transit. For people who are not in the New York City area or have not been to the city, when commuting via the subway system, agencies will tend to use the top part of the train cars to display their client's message to a captive audience. This morning, I happened upon JetBlue's latest campaign, which struck a creative chord with me. The "Live Free or Fly" campaign caters to all of those people who have ever said "If (my candidate) doesn't win, I'm leaving the country," by actually giving those people the opportunity to actually leave the country, for free!
The way the campaign works is you log on to the company's site and register under your political party. No worries, you can always change your mind since, as the JetBlue's website will remind us, we do live in a free country. If your candidate doesn't win, you will have a chance to leave the country (and return because, after all, there is no place like home) to one of the following destinations: Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas and more. What are your chances of winning? JetBlue will give away 1,006 round-trip certificates. That comes to 2,012 seats to participants whose candidate lost!
What caught my eye about the campaign was the creative development of it.
With the barrage of ads, which basically covered every inch of the advertising space on the subway car, the designs created an undeniable patriotic look. However, looking further into the promotion upon arriving at my desk, it was the utilization of social media in the forms of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and polling results on the JetBlue's website that continued the feeling of the democracy.
It was refreshing to see such a topical and creatively strategic message add some relief to what can be considered a stressful process by reminding us there are always options. Thank you to JetBlue and the Mullen Agency, which created the advertising, for a very strong and memorable campaign — something most voters hope that they can say about their respective candidates.
If not, at least you know that JetBlue has you covered!


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