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Why Apple Needs More Than an iPhone Update
By: Christine Geraci
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Today, we could talk about the iPhone 5. Heck, everyone else is. We could talk about all its cool features, and how you have to run out and buy new accessories if you want to own it. We could even watch the keynote together. 
But I don't want to talk about the iPhone 5. I want to talk about what this shiny new gadget represents in Apple's fascinating business timeline. 
I came across this great article that pleas with Apple Inc. to make something new. And I couldn't agree more. 
Chris Taylor, the article's author, asks Apple to stop sitting on its hoard of cash (the largest accumulated by a company in history, apparently) and instead begin to invest in more R&D to create another culture-changing product, or run the risk of losing its innovative edge for good. 
The company is reportedly giving $45 billion of its profits back to shareholders in stock buy-backs and dividends, according to Taylor. 
And some time ago, I'd asked why Apple wouldn't use some of their pocket change to make its products cheaper. And I'll still ask that question. 
It seems Apple might have the capacity to do all three, to some degree, and still keep a sizeable stockpile in the bank, if that's the preference. Their profits could climb to $200 billion within the next few years. 
Still, the Mashable article made me realize that probably more important than anything else, Apple needs another "iPod" or "iPad" moment — a product that changes the very nature of how we as a culture do things. It's what the company is known for, thanks to Steve Jobs. 
The iPhone 5 looks to be a superior smartphone, by all accounts. But in the end, it's an upgrade. 
Apple, it's time to present us with a little bit more than an upgrade. Or a miniature version of a popular product. Wow us. It's what you do. For many consumers, you've set the bar — now raise it. 

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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