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Drive Mitsubishi and Kill Pretentiousness
By: Anamika Pande Ved
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Advertising, according to some people, is creative bragging, but given the current economic trend, Mitsubishi with its new “Mitsubishi Unpretentious “application is trying to stand out from the competition by obviating from that and instead helping the audience erase annoying Facebook braggers.
Unlike other brands, which promote an array of pretentious baubles and frivolous accouterments, Mitsubishi is trying to project itself as a company that is unpretentious and sells down-to-earth, less pricey cars.
The newly introduced Mitsubishi Unpretentious app claims to suss out the most pretentious and annoying Facebook friends who never fail to show off or brag.

The Mitsubishi Unpretentious Facebook Application campaign shows how the app analyzes content from friends’ Facebook pages to determine the most pretentious of them all. Once identified, the most pretentious pal is virtually run over by a speeding Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.
After landing at MitsubishiUnpretentious.com, the visitors are redirected to the Mitsubishi Facebook page, where the fast-moving 2013 Outlander Sport mows down the photo of the most pretentious friend. The action does not stop here, as Mitsubishi analyzes more friends and mows them down one after the other.
The commercial for the new “Mitsubishi Unpretentiousness” app was built by Mitsubishi together with 180LA .The application’s algorithm for finding self-obsessed friends is not clear, but it looks like some people did find it pretty spot on.
William Gelner, executive creative director at 180LA, explains the campaign's impetus: "For many, social media has become a way to brag or show off. From posting images of expensive meals or wine they've had to exotic vacations they're on, this is an epidemic, and it's running rampant. This is weird, considering the economic climate we're in. Mitsubishi, a car with great design but at a more down-to-earth price, felt compelled to make a statement in-line with their brand ethos."
The Mitsubishi Unpretentious campaign is a prime example of how companies are using advertising to connect with the audience at an emotional and symbolic level. According to a research study, products have meanings for consumers beyond providing mere functional utility. Endowing the product with a distinct personality and human characteristics in the eyes of the consumers leads to establishing an invisible, yet magnetic relationship between brand and consumer by involving the brand in the world of the consumer.
Working on this premise, Mitsubishi has astutely crafted an app concept that demonstrates that the new 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander sport has great design but not gaudiness. It is for those who are devoid of all pretensions and are sick of social pomposity. It strikes a chord with customers who are not into materialism and prefer simplicity to flashiness. How does it do that? Just by telling us that next time you see your friend’s narcissistic blabbering on Facebook, we shouldn't fret or get browned off. Just kill his/her empty social pretentiousness by driving the unpretentious Mitsubishi.


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Anamika Pande Ved is a blogger, content curator, and content writer with Global Washington, a non-profit in Seattle, Washington. She is fascinated by commercials, more so if they are used for "social good." She is an avid traveler, reader, and a singer. Find her on Twitter here anamikaved15@gmail.com
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