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4 Political Apps for This Election Season
By: Christine Geraci
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We Americans may still have our Electoral College, but no way is that stopping us from taking to social media in the hopes of creating a more informed and involved electorate. 
Yes, there's an app that lets you insert Mitt Romney into photos, or canvass your democratic neighbors, but there are also some pretty cool apps that truly seem useful, especially if you're a new voter. 
It's certainly interesting to see, as social media was still very much a novelty during the 2008 presidential election. Now that social media use is commonplace and definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, let's hope the political technology only gets more sophisticated. 
Here are a few interesting apps that caught our eyes:
CNN has partnered with Facebook to create an app that lets you weigh in on the issues and compare notes and political stats with your friends. You can find out how your friends lean politically, as well as see how your inner circle's opinions compare with those around the nation. But as of last night, this app had a measly 22,000 or so people signed up. Sad.
Stricter voting laws in a number of U.S. states are sending people into a conspiracy frenzy because these regulations basically disenfranchise many people of lesser means who also tend to vote for the Democrat. Regardless, this app helps you verify your registration status, look up state-specific voter regulations, fill out a registration form, and report any foul play to the authorities. 
We humbly submit that Politifact is, quite simply, a treasure. It does what journalism is supposed to do: Keep politicians honest by calling them out when they say stupid things. Now it's available as a phone app. So the next time your favorite candidate spouts off about his or her opponent, chances are Politifact is analyzing the statements and preparing an objective assessment. 
The term "super pac" is getting a lot of play this election season, and with good reason: Many of these organizations are putting up millions to finance various campaign TV ads. With the Super Pac App, you can hold your phone up to an ad playing on TV, snap a photo, and then "receive objective, third party information" after the app identifies the TV spot. Another app that performs a similar function is Ad Hawk
What are your favorite political apps this presidential election season? 

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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