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What to Charge for that Freelance Project? There's an App for That
By: ML Haynes
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If you’ve ever freelanced, done project work, or just picked up a casual job to make a little pocket change, you’ve come up against the question: What do I charge for this? Or maybe you’ve been quizzed by a prospective client curious about what you’d charge to deliver on their wish-list. Well, technology has, once again, come to the rescue and, not surprisingly, the App Store has what you need.
MD Interaktiv, a Mexico-based iOS & Web Development Agency, has launched MyPrice — an iOS app that helps designers calculate fees based on input such as project type, client, and location, plus the designer’s experience and history. This cloud-based tool is accessible from any web-connected locale and on any device with the app installed. Templates and past project figures can be stored and retrieved, making the process of pricing a more iterative one.
Specific features (from the creators' website) of the app are listed as:

Ideal Hourly Rate
Keep a log of your working and personal expenses so when you find the price you may charge per hour, all those expenses get covered.

+75 Specific Projects
From how much you will charge your uncle for creating his Twitter account to the responsive redesign of a medium enterprise's new web site.

You will be able to create quotes from your iPhone and check them or modify them on your iPad.

Every week you may consult up to three little tips that will help you achieve your professional goals.

Transfer your estimates from MyPrice to your FreshBooks account as a new estimate for a specific client.

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