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Mentos Singapore's Not-So-Subtle Ad Campaign
By: Caitlin Quarles
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File this one under “Things That Make Me Go ‘Hmm...’”

In a somewhat puzzling, not-at-all subtle video released by Mentos of Singapore (Mentos SG), “financially secure adults in stable, committed long-term relationships” in Singapore are called upon to fulfill their civic duty and procreate today, August 9. Citing a drop in population and a concern for the country’s future, couples are encouraged and enticed to get together and forgo watching the fireworks celebrating Singapore’s National Night and instead get themselves to the bedroom and make them instead.

Watch the video, then let’s meet back here to discuss. Go on. I’ll wait.

There are a myriad of issues we could make about the goal of the message itself, but I think we can agree that the marketing campaign is impressive. The goal was to create a viral video that would get people talking, if not more (yay, innuendo!). The Facebook page for Mentos National Night, which appears to have only been created on July 31, deserves a pat on the back for companies utilizing social media effectively. The posts are interactive and informative without being overwhelming, which is a major turn-off for many consumers, and most likely assisted in increasing their “Likes” from 0 to 1,370 in one week’s time. It should be noted that Mentos SG hired Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), a leading global ad agency originally based out of London, for this ad campaign, and that the government of Singapore has no official hand in this.

Judging from the comments on YouTube, Facebook, and other news outlets that have covered this story, reactions to the campaign appear to be decisively split. Some find it offensive, some just plain stupid, some find it hilarious, and one is very concerned whether or not he can still participate in the events even though he already has three children and has no plans for any more.

Political/ethical/moral implications aside, do you think this campaign will be effective in increasing Singapore’s birth rate?


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Caitlin Quarles is the founder and owner of CEQ Consulting, a freelance editorial company based in Pennsylvania. Traveling, cheese, and dogs make her happy. Find her online here.
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