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Facebook Gives Community Managers 'Voice'
By: Jennifer Stack
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Facebook is constantly changing, whether in functionality or the evolution of its role in society. That's what makes it so astounding; it is a stable fixture across genres of people (age, sex, nationality, and psychographics). The most recent alteration is specific to the subset of non-investors/employees most involved in the platform: the community managers. Coined by Facebook as “Voice,” the feature takes the form of a button to the right of the account name and is only visible when the user is on a page that they have admin status for. “Voice” is a constant reminder to community managers of multiple pages to make them aware of which entity they are posting on behalf of. The copy reads across a baby-blue banner at the top of the Facebook page: “You are posting, commenting, and liking as (insert page here)." "Change to (insert account name here)" follows in dark blue, allowing managers to easily switch between identities. This new feature was clearly made with community managers in mind (those individuals who are responsible for a majority of Facebook’s business, as they represent their brands on the platform). The functionality wards against accidental postings from personal accounts, which occurred at a high frequency in the early days of community management.
The only logical next step is for Facebook to further cater their product to community managers at large by increasing the functionality they offer, like the ability to assign specific issues (Timeline posts, comments, tagged pictures) or tasks (pending posts, geo-targeting, highlighting, pinning, blocking, marking as spam, etc.) to their newly minted Admin Roles — Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, Insight Analyst — in order to increase effectiveness. Adding these expanded resources will better Facebook’s relationship with marketers and advertisers alike. 

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About the Author
Jennifer Stack is a Social Media Strategist at a digital advertising agency. She was a 2011 Notable.ca YP Social Media Finalist. International Marketing Communication, MA. International Marketing Strategy, MSc. LinkedIn + Twitter.
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