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Fooducate Scores a Healthy A+ App Review
By: Christopher J. Ryan
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Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet hit the App market in December 2011. Fooducate is a highly useful app, and somewhat of a hidden gem in the app market. Google Play reports over 500,000 downloads, but this isn’t the highest download tier. (Facebook has 100,000,000+ downloads.)

Fooducate is for hardcore dieters and straight-up curious cats alike. It is important to know what you put in your body. Part of staying fit is eating healthy foods, and Fooducate delivers this. A Fooducate user review states, “Fooducate is like having a dietitian on speed dial.” The basic premise behind Fooducate can be seen in the coining of the word, merging: (1) food and (2) educate.

This lifestyle design tool reveals the true value of products seen at grocery stores and boutique food marts. Are you curious about the nutritional value of a particular item? Just scan the bar code, which is the default screen once the app is opened. You can shake your smartphone for random product reviews, too. This is the basic function of Fooducate. Here is a list of additional features:
  • Analysis of healthy and unhealthy features in the item selected
  • Food grade, based on industry comparisons
  • Calories per serving chart
  • Percentage of Fooducate users who like this product
  • Alternatives to the product scanned
  • Share options, Like and Don’t Like buttons, and comments section
Fooducate is a must download for all smartphone users. It’s a healthy decision, and it’s free.

Noteworthy Buzz
Fooducate has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, USAToday, NYTimes, WSJ, Lifehacker, and Gizmodo to name a few. An application does not receive this level of recognition without high performance, utility, or social and cultural function. So download and start scanning the 200,000+ unique UPCs available today! If an item isn’t featured, you can upload a profile of the item scanned.

  • Who created this app? Dietitians and concerned parents.
  • What are the system requirements? Android OS version 2.2. or higher, touch screen, and camera.
  • What products can be scanned? Works only with U.S. products.
  Reviews Date: 22 June 2012
Average: 4.5
5 Stars 1,425
4 Stars 453
3 Stars 107
2 Stars 32
1 Star 78


Where to find Fooducate

Fooducate Blog
Fooducate Website
Fooducate @ Google Play
Fooducate on Twitter, @Fooducate
Get Fooducated on Facebook

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