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Twitter: The Copywriter's Gym
By: Tom Roarty
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In advertising, speed is an important factor, not just in the execution of a campaign but in the deliverance and understanding of the message you are trying to convey. From a graphics perspective, we can dissect what we see in print and digital media to better understand what was done and potentially the reasons why. By doing this, you are not only training your mind on the development process, but you are also creating a cerebral bank of ideas that you can draw from as well. However, one downfall of this is it is not always easy to share your creations with a wide audience to get feedback on what we do without some planning or an extra click if our work is being shown on the web. Luckily, copywriters have a have a tool that does all of that for them in Twitter.

Marketed as a social-networking platform, Twitter had always seemed limited in the shadow of Facebook. There are few bells and whistles outside of being able to upload photos and, with additional software, schedule your posts directly to the program. Twitter is basically a message board with a limit of 140 characters to get your message across. It is Twitter’s constraints on message size that makes it such a powerful copywriting tool. By limiting the message size, you now have forced people to get their message across in a clear manner using as few words as possible, something advertising copywriters are paid handsomely to do. Also, since Twitter is a social platform, writers can get their message out to the masses and have them critiqued almost immediately.

When used as an online marketing tool, Twitter also eliminates the need for designers, since it is not a graphically based application, which a lot of clients like because fewer employees equals less cost. In essence, Twitter is one of the purest forms of copy-based advertising from client to receptive audience. A condensed message, covering just the facts, minus the fluff, and the fact that it is available as a mobile application, which has grown in size more than 182 percent in the past year, just makes Twitter audiences even more accessible! So not only will copywriters be developing their skill set while using Twitter, but they will also be developing another marketable skill for their profession as well.

By no means has Twitter reached its full potential as a marketing tool yet, and as more seasoned copywriters partake in the service, the stronger it will become. Younger copywriters looking for a way to get better at your craft: if you are not using Twitter already, start now. There is no better tool to reach a vast audience faster while developing your skill set!


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