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Props to the Human Brain: A Cool Example of Mind Control Technology
By: Christine Geraci
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Sometimes technology can give us the creeps, especially when the words "mind control'' are attached to it. This is not one of those times. 
Thanks to mind control technology, Cathy Hutchinson, paralyzed from the neck down for the past 11 years, can now use a robotic arm to perform various tasks. The arm is controlled with nothing but her own thoughts. 
A sensor surgically placed on her brain picks up electrical impulses generated by her thoughts, which are then translated into movement by the robotic arm. 
The technology is a gigantic step forward in the plight to improve quality of life for countless people living in some state of paralysis. 
It's also kind of nice to see the brain get some props. We read so much about how very soon, regular computers will eclipse the information-processing capacity of the human brain. And then come all the comments about "creating monsters" and Skynet. 
But when all is said and done, the brain is a force. It's the origin of all the technology we use in everyday life, and the creator of our digital lives. To see an example of its power harnessed so expertly into a technology for good is refreshing.
What else can you see mind control technology being used for?

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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