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6 Easy Ways to Give Your Company Personality Via Social Media
By: Christine Geraci
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You've got the blog, updated and shared. You share relevant and interesting links pertaining to your industry. You're referring people to your website. You're doing all of the above on the regular.
...And it still might not be enough to really let people in on what your company is all about.
Just about anyone who loves their job will likely tell you a big reason why is because of the people they work with. And that's the key: Social media is all about making connections with other people. But your company is a company, not a person. You can't be besties with a logo. 
So, try to engage others in your company's mission by putting your colleagues front and center. Here are a few suggestions on how:
Snap photos of staff at events. These include conferences that staffers attend, workshops they run, and award ceremonies they are invited to. It shows that your staff hits up the relevant events in your industry and cares about networking with others in your line of work. 
Celebrate your colleagues' lives. Wish someone a happy birthday and snap a photo of them with the cake you ordered for the occasion. Congratulate them on an engagement or a marriage. One company I follow took photos of a baby pool board the staff started up to honor the pending birth of a staffer's second child. It showed camaraderie, community, and a sense of the company's values. 
Create videos that show off staff expertise. Your colleagues work hard and know their stuff, so why not let them show it off? By capturing them in their elements, doing what they do best, you're sharing knowledge with others while touting company expertise. 
Don't be afraid to be silly once in a while. Did two people wear the same shirt to work? Is one of your coworkers known for her funky heel collection? Does the office have a dodgeball team? Capturing little slices of life like these shows the company's very human side. People will appreciate your willingness to let them in on it. 
Celebrate promotions. Congratulate colleagues who move up in the company or take on different roles. Be sure to tag them so their friends can congratulate them as well. 
Document everyday office culture. Perhaps your office has interesting looking chairs or an espresso machine in the break room. Maybe your brainstorming meetings entail everyone sitting in a circle with their shoes off. Perhaps it's always business casual at the office. If you're recruiting, revealing these little details in photos and/or videos just might compel a star candidate to send in a resume, or sell them on accepting the job you offered.
How does your company show its personality via social media?

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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