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Why I'm Not Ready to Declare Google+ Dead
By: Christine Geraci
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Google+ is only dead if you don't use it. 
That's the sentiment of this really great post from Aaron Lee Wei-Ren
It's easy to sign up for a social network, hang around a few minutes, then never return and declare the social network defunct a few months later. The people who truly put time and effort into the social network get the most out of it. 
One of the reasons Aaron listed for why he felt like Google+ wasn't working for him at first was because he didn't approach it with a strategy. 
Makes sense, if you're a marketer. But I'm not sure the average person approaches a social network with a well thought-out "strategy," per se. I think they ask themselves a series of questions:
Does this service fulfill a need?
Is it easy to use?
Would I want my friends to use it with me?
I remember when I left MySpace for Facebook. At the time, my main reason for doing this was because I enjoyed the interface better, and all my friends had started migrating over to Facebook as well. I'd outgrown MySpace, and wanted something different.
If you take a look at the comments for Aaron's post, you'll see a really great point from Jay Baer: People don't really have that big of a problem with Facebook or Twitter, so Google's challenge is to "build a better mousetrap, not just a different mousetrap." 
But it could be that someday soon, people will begin a paradigm shift toward an online social experience more like Google+. Perhaps Facebook will falter when it becomes a public company. Perhaps people will grow tired of Twitter (kind of like this girl). You never know.
This is why I'm not quite ready to write off Google+ just yet. And I think I'm going to make a point to follow Aaron's lead and put more effort into the social network. It'll be interesting to see what happens...if anything. 

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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