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5 Types of Content to Put on Your Business Facebook Page
By: Elaine Reed
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Social Media has fundamentally changed the way companies market. And for good reason: studies show that people are more likely to do business with a company that their friends or family recommend to them. But how does a company land on that go-to referral list?

The days of picking the first name out of the phone book or defaulting to the local service provider are long gone. The Internet has made consumer options endless and posed new challenges for marketers. Now we have to compete with friends and family to get our messages into the hands of prospects. How can we do that? Heed Facebook’s advice.

When Facebook rolled out Timeline for business pages, they sent a very clear message: brands need to act more like people. Here are five types of content you can post to your business page that will make your business act more like a person.
  1. Photos: And I’m not just talking about product photos. Post an image from the recent company picnic. Show your creative team at work. Let your graphic artist pose with the new package they designed. It’s really easy to forget that brands are made up of people. Using photos to remind your customers of that makes your company and your products more memorable.
  2. Links: Don’t limit your links to products and blog posts. Link to interesting websites, related news articles, and even funny tidbits. People log on to Facebook to be entertained. While your product line may be irreverent, not every product link will be. So mix it up.
  3. Trivia: People love a good factoid. Whether it relates to your product or company, current events, or is just interesting, a cool nugget of information will have people looking for you in their news feed.
  4. How-To Information: Did you just figure out a cool new way to reorganize the library in your office? Did you rig up task lighting that is so handy you want to show it off? Did you find a new use for a common item? Share it!
  5. Recipes: I know, I know, it seems silly. You’re a business. You make and sell stuff. What room do you have to share a recipe? Well, guess what. People love posting pictures of food on Twitter, Facebook, and especially Pinterest. In fact, there are people who plan their dinners every day based on meals they see on Pinterest. We all need to eat. Make it work for you. Did someone’s lunch fill the office with a tasty aroma? Did you put together a healthy meal on the fly while you were trying to meet a deadline? Tell us what it was! Better yet, show us!
Facebook sent marketers a huge message when they rolled out Timeline to business pages. It’s up to us to make the most of it.

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About the Author
Elaine Reed is a marketing professional with heavy emphasis on e-commerce and Internet marketing. She blogs regularly on her website and tweets often.
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