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The Inimitable Genius of Advertising
By: Anamika Pande Ved
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Recently the CLIO Awards, one of the most recognized global awards ceremonies for advertising, design, interactive, and public relations, named Piyush Pandey as the recipient of the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.
Pandey, the Executive Chairman and Creative Director of South Asia for Ogilvy & Mather India, will be honored at the 53rd annual CLIO Awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 15 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The award is an acknowledgement and a celebration of Pandey’s outstanding and ongoing contribution to lead the advertising community forward. With the CLIO award, Pandey joins the ranks of such industry stalwarts and previous award winners as Tony Kaye, David Abbott, Neil French, Sir John Hegarty, Bob Greenberg, and Bob Isherwood.

During his prolific advertising career, Pandey has created a body of work that possesses a unique footprint: his creations speak a new language that stays with the audience and lasts a lifetime. His work is brilliant in its simplicity and has an impact and resonance; it's visible in every sense. With his uncanny ability to make something that’s different, he can show the way to enchant and enroll followers. His stories revolve around an idea that illuminates a brand. His campaigns are like artwork where the brands are organically weaved into the plots and provide a seamless entertainment.
A few of his campaigns have won him international accolades and bear testimony to his insight, humor, intelligence, and intellect. 

Fevicol Hen and Egg Ad: This Cannes award-winning television ad was created in 1998 for an Indian adhesive brand “Fevicol” and promoted the unique brand image of “ultimate bonding.” It features a cook who tries to break an egg, but it flies off his hand and hits a steel vessel. The steel vessel breaks, not the egg. The cook is dumbfounded and looks around. He finds that the hen is eating grains from a Fevicol box. The commercial, with no dialogue, gets the message across brilliantly.

'Second-hand Smoke Kills' Campaign: Created for the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) this hard-hitting press ad showing a dead horse bagged several international awards including two Gold Lions at the 2002 Cannes International Advertising festival in the Public Health category. The ad, created by O&G under the supervision of Piyush Pandey, was among the 50 most awarded Print Ads in 2002.

Second-hand smoke kills

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ad: One of his most popular ad campaigns embodies Pandey's view that “The voice of the brand should connect with the heart. And, there is no doubt that the communication will be successful.” This TV ad, intended to connect with the consumers in an emotional way, features a beautiful girl who dances on the cricket field when her boyfriend hooks a ball for a six. Reaching the pitch, as her guy watches amazedly, she shares her Cadbury Dairy Milk with him.

In recognition of Pandey’s contribution, CLIO Director Karl Vontz said, “He not only possesses wonderful creative vision, but he is a great leader who motivates everyone around him with his enthusiasm and passion.” Under his visionary leadership, O&M India has been bestowed with more than 600 international awards and has emerged as one of the most creative offices in the entire O&M network.
Vodafone ZooZoo Series: Under Pandey's tutelage the advertising industry in India has morphed into another form of entertainment, clearly evident from the popular ZooZoo series created by O&G Mumbai for the mobile service provider Vodafone. Created under his stewardship, ZooZoos are white creatures with ballooned bodies and eggheads who are used to promote the various value-added services of Vodafone. What is unique about the iconic ZooZoo characters is that they look animated, but they are actual human beings in ZooZoo costumes. The ad series has won two Gold and one Silver at the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards, two Grand Prix at the Creative Abby 2010 Awards, and many more.

Revered as the “godfather of Indian advertising,” Piyush Pandey has demonstrated his genius in using entertainment via advertising to get attention, create buzz, and connect with consumers. His work cuts across class barriers as he speaks to the masses in their language. Through his commitment and endeavors, he has defined Indian advertising in the global arena and has brought color and vitality to the world of advertising.


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Anamika Pande Ved is a blogger, content curator, and content writer with Global Washington, a non-profit in Seattle, Washington. She is fascinated by commercials, more so if they are used for "social good." She is an avid traveler, reader, and a singer. Find her on Twitter here anamikaved15@gmail.com
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