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Why You SHOULD Friend Your Boss on Facebook
By: Christine Geraci
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What would you do if your boss requested to be your friend on Facebook?
This blog post recommends you not go there. Employer-employee relationships are better suited for LinkedIn, not purely social sites like Facebook, the post states. 
I understand where this post is coming from. But I only agree with the sentiment under specific conditions. True, you shouldn't friend your boss on Facebook if:
1) You don't understand how friend lists or privacy settings work.
2) You use Facebook to rant, sometimes about your job.
3) You don't know how to make certain information visible only to certain people.
But if you have a firm understanding of Facebook as a tool, you can — and probably, should — friend your boss on Facebook if he or she makes the request. Yes, I said should. 
The social network's power and influence is undeniable, and chances are, your organization either has a Facebook presence or is seriously thinking about starting one. And that's why, like it or not, your Facebook account likely won't stay purely personal for long. 
Learning how to compartmentalize personal and professional on Facebook will become all but essential. Sure, you could create a second account, but not only is this a bit disingenuous, it's also completely unnecessary. Your boss doesn't have to see everything you share on Facebook, and making sure of this only takes a few minutes. As of now, Facebook makes it fairly simple to create a professional persona with one group while gabbing about American Idol with another — why not take advantage?
Further, friending your boss on Facebook is one small step toward becoming a more social business. If your business has a Facebook presence, there should be an effort afoot to encourage employees to actively engage with that presence — all according to your social media policies and guidelines, of course. Connecting with colleagues and superiors for this purpose is, in my view, totally acceptable. 
Mind you, I would still recommend leaving the friend request up to your boss. And I would also recommend accepting the request only if you genuinely respect your boss (if you hate your boss...well, that's another post entirely). 
What are your thoughts? Are you friends with your boss on Facebook? 

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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