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Explaining Twitter 101: Celebs Who 'Get' It
By: Judi Cutrone
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In my work, I hear the words "I don't get Twitter" a lot. And explaining the appeal and value of Twitter can be difficult; it's a bit like describing a telephone to someone who has never seen one before. It sounds like a simple enough assignment until you move past the technicalities and try to expound on the merits of conversation and its evolution and the implications for "connection" at a more sociological level and suddenly you notice their eyes starting to glaze over. So I do what anyone would do — I mention celebrities to bring them back. Luckily, there are many celebrities, and their staffs, who "get" the platform instinctively, making this task much, much easier.

Celebrities (From My Feed) Who Really Get Twitter

Funnest to Follow Around: Mindy Kaling (Actress, Writer) — Followers: 1,684,938 Tweets (to date): 5,040

Comedians abound on Twitter and with good reason — the platform is built around the concept of soundbites, after all. Kaling, who also blogs, is a natural and following her feels almost purely voyeuristic. Watch Mindy chat with her famous, clever friends! Now, she's going into McDonald's! She's annoyed with Siri! Since she's far more charming and witty than your average bear, all of this is highly entertaining, like following a fun friend, one that you actually know in real life.

Rabble Rouser: Bill Lawrence (Exec. Producer) — Followers: 39,003 Tweets (to date): 11,558

The Cougar Town and Scrubs creator used to simply use Twitter to make the occasional chide, rib his famous wife (Christa Miller), and converse with fellow showrunners like Dan Harmon (for someone who loves television as much as I do, that's particularly fun to see). When Cougar Town was sent into mid-season purgatory this year, however, Lawrence took to the streets to help save his show. He talked to fans, offered consolation when necessary, and rallied them to get talking to help bring it back. Like social media darling Community, Cougar Town is in a new era of marketing for prime-time television. The cast jumped on Twitter and talked to fans, posted videos on Vulture, and kept the show "alive" albeit online until the third season debuted on ABC.

Best One on One Time: Leah Remini (Actress) — Followers: 174,138 Tweets (to date): 28,064

The television actress and talk show host refers to her followers as her "Twitter family" and can be found, on any day, with a stream of replies to that family in between updates on her day, commentary on motherhood, and inspirational quotes. For someone who purports such a feisty, brash personality on screen, what shines brightest through Remini's Twitter profile is a deep appreciation for her followers and a genuine interest in connecting with them personally.

Just One Big Interview: Alec Balwdin (Actor) — Followers: 783,619 Tweets (to date): 6,203

Alec Baldwin's romance with Twitter (and Words with Friends) is well documented. He lays it all out there, too — from his thoughts on politics to his philanthropy projects, everything is up for discussion and he's not afraid to respond to critcs. Like Remini, he takes a lot of questions from fans and the answers are always interesting. It's like Baldwin is using Twitter as if it's one long Proust Questionaire. The end result, for a fan, is that you walk away with the impression that you know someone far more intimately than when you started; quite an impressive feat when you're working with 140 characters or less.

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Judi Cutrone is a social media strategist, novelist, and food blogger. She is an appreciator of good television, muppets, and the music of Phil Collins.
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