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The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today
By: Andy Weiss
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It’s Friday and stats show that my Friday posts tend to perform lower than those of any other day. I'm fairly confident that this trend is not a reflection on my content, but rather an indication of the Friday behaviors for Digital Pivot’s readership. It’s the end of the week and minds have already begun to shift toward the weekend. What’s important here is how I have chosen to utilize this data. Keep reading and you’ll find out why it’s the most important thing you will read today.
So you’ve made it this far on a Friday. Congratulations and thank you. What I’ve tried to do with both the headline of this post as well as the opening paragraph is use intrigue and teasers to overcome the fact that this post will not be as highly read today as it would on a Monday through Thursday. But odds are that technique will not work. What I have actually done is embraced what the data has told me and made a strategic decision on how to approach this Friday post. More on that in a minute.
Shifting gears…I imagine that you see similar patterns and trends in the digital marketing data for your programs. Perhaps you run an e-commerce site that has high volume on Mondays but weekends or Fridays are poor performers. Or maybe you run social media programs and find that your Facebook fans are the most engaged on Mondays and Saturday but Wednesdays are horrible regardless of what you post. Then there’s Twitter. You’ve noticed that there are key times of the day that your tweets are retweeted or links clicked more frequently than other times of the day.
Based on your own data, you’ve made decisions to save your new campaigns, better posts, or promotions for those peak days and tried to do what you can to make the slower days slightly better. In terms of the content for my post today, I did exactly the same thing. There’s a topic that I think would spark a lot of conversation. Rather than introducing it to a small but engaged audience on a Friday, I strategically chose to save that post for another day. And instead, I used today to share my strategic approach and hopefully reward you for reading this far.

If you haven’t adopted a similar approach to both analyzing your data and mapping your content, campaigns or promotions, I encourage you to do so. But it might be a bit heady of a task for a Friday so save it for Monday.

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Andy Weiss is a digital direct marketer, consumer evangelist, change agent, and cultural anthropologist.
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